File types & Print Sizes

File types and print sizes you can upload

Kriativus allows you to upload files in a variety of formats to suit your needs. Different file types have properties that affect the quality of your images, and consequently the prints that are created.

We accept JPEG, PNG, PDF and some vectorial files through our direct uploader. 

If you are not sure which format to use, consider the properties that each file type has.


are lossless file, and will retain all data found in the original image file, no matter how many times you change or resave them. Working with these types of files is the best way to ensure optimum results for your prints. However, the drawback is they have extremely large file sizes, which can be more cumbersome to work with and upload to Kriativus.


have smaller file sizes due to the compression methods used. A JPEG is a lossy file, so if it is edited and saved many times it will degrade because too much compression can cause the images to lose information. Over time, this will result in an unprintable image file. The amount of data lost can be controlled by the JPEG quality settings function when saving your file in Photoshop. A high-quality JPEG can be an excellent compromise between file size and image dependability. JPEG files are smaller size, and therefore faster to upload to Kriativus.


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